Original Screenprints

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Sophie Coryndon

After gaining a degree in Fine Art, Sophie began an apprenticeship as a paint finisher, where she started to develop her painting technique. A passion for flowers was combined with new skills such as gilding and glazing, to create the large scale panels and canvases that have been collected by designers, art lovers and flower lovers worldwide. The vibrancy and sheer scale of Sophie's prints and paintings propels the work above the whimsical and sets them apart from the tradition of botanical painting. These images are bold and strong, the flowers pushing against the confines of a square canvas or spilling over the edges of a frame.

After leaving art college, Sophie spent three months restoring hand painted 18th Century wallpaper at Badminton House and two months working on a film set recreating the Charleston interiors of the Bloomsbury group. Alongside this work Sophie undertook a number of prestigious commissions for sculpture and paintings, as well as teaching. In January 2000, Sophie joined the Lucy B Campbell Gallery in London and since then her work has been shown and bought internationally by collectors, designers and flower-lovers.

Sophie has always insisted that her paintings do not need explanation and it is perhaps this clarity in her work that accounts for its appeal both within the world of fine art and interior design. Sophie's love of new techniques and mediums has led her to work with Artizan Editions creating original handmade screenprints.

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