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Harvey Daniels

Biography 1936 – 2013

1936 Born London
1951-56 Willesden School of Art, NDD
1956-58 London University, Slade DipFA (London)
1958-59 Brighton College of Art (now University of Brighton) ATD
1963-89 Lecturer, Brighton College Art, Brighton Polytechnic
1967 Marriage to artist Judy Stapleton
1970/2 Birth of daughter Zoe/ Birth of daughter Prudence
1989 Studios in Brighton and La Rochelle, France
2001 Moved French studio to Lézan, France

His work has been likened to that of Matisse, Mondrian and Kandinsky. It is housed in such great institutions as the Museum of Modern Art, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, as well as the V&A in London. He lectured at the Tate Gallery, London and often exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

“During the 1960s my work was loosely described as coming from Pop Art. This period of my work is currently being re-evaluated and collected. The work of Joan Miro, Stuart Davis, Henri Matisse and Paul Klee is very important to me. My enthusiasm is driven by celebration, energy and joy. The art writer Professor Michael Tucker describes it as the ‘visionary intensity of the seer or magician’ and, ‘one of the most joyous and colourful of post Kandinsky oeuvres’. The distinguished art historian Norbert Lynton wrote of it as ‘pure visual carnival’. My development is recorded in the 2003 book of drawings and also in the catalogue Harvey Daniels 10 Years. Drawing has always been part of my practice, though colour and structure remains dominant.”

‘Artists who influenced Harvey include: Stuart Davis, Henri Matisse, Fernand Leger. He honours them but he also plays with them and so they undergo what Mikhail Bakhtin, speaking of carnival as a counter culture, called ‘the pathos of change and renewal’. Harvey's art is visual carnival; its message is that which Bakhtin ascribed to carnivals, community, freedom, equality and abundance.’ Norbert Lynton.