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Gina Burdass

Painter and printmaker Gina Burdass worked with Artizan Editions to create an edition for her 2011 exhibition at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Frances Spalding wrote of the artist's work:

“Gina Burdass's paintings operate on many levels. Their immediate impact is one of clarity. To step into her white-painted studio or this exhibition, after the surfeit of visual information that clutters our screens and streets, is to experience a sudden release, a stripping down and clarifying of sensation. Her emblematic abstract paintings, in their placement of coloured units, offer a visual dance. Their formal patterns undergo slight shifts of emphasis as the permutations alter or a sudden new colour note arrives. The style is minimalist, not so much in the American manner as in the tradition of Minimalism's European roots, which look back to Piet Mondrian and the abstract painters associated with the Bauhaus. Selection and restraint are evident in the means used; but spareness and rigour are the conduits for a sudden brimming of emotive tension, as, for instance, when an acid yellow holds all the other colours to account.” (Frances Spalding, March 2011)