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Richard Walker

Richard had his first one-person show in 1978 at Minsky's Gallery, London and has shown regularly ever since at Thumb, Jill George, Curwen and New Academy galleries in London, also at galleries in Germany and the USA. He has been part of many mixed shows and has also shown in major art fairs in London, Cologne and Los Angeles.

Richard Walker's work is in many public and private collections around the world, including BP, Channel 4, Customs and Excise, The Crown Estate and the BBC in London, Glaxo-Wellcome and Der Spiegel in Germany, and Westinghouse in the USA.

In 1998, he produced a large mural for Axis Restaurant at One Aldwych Hotel, London and in 2002 he installed an illuminated ‘glass wall’ in the Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

“I've always believed that there has to be a sense of excitement in painting pictures, however serious the subject matter. I achieve this myself through always looking for a fresh approach. Although having a strong stylistic identity, I am still open to experimentation and new ways of seeing. I can trace this method back to the first prints I produced as a student; the instinctive colour, the fast brushwork, the collaged drawing – my technique has evolved as the focus has shifted.

Often moving from painting and collage to printmaking, I use the techniques of printmaking in all my work. I think in layers, assembling photographs and cut out shapes over painted backgrounds. This creates a tension and drama in my architectural images.”

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