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Gilly McCadden

Gilly McCadden studied Fine Art at Brighton College of Art. She later worked for many years as a colourist for a London based Fine Art Print publisher, specializing in hand painted colour separations for limited edition screenprints. Later, wanting to pursue her growing passion for all things horticultural she went on to have a successful career as a garden designer.

A deep understanding of screenprinting techniques gained during her earlier work, combined with the detailed observation of plant structures, has led to her latest series of plant-based images.

“I'm interested in paring images down to their essence and am inspired by the simple beauty of plants. I aim to achieve a point of purity, both in form and colour. Screenprinting is the perfect medium for my work as it allows me to deconstruct an image and rebuild it in as many or few layers as I choose.”

In her work Gilly seeks to re-describe and create a new understanding of the plant form whilst retaining its intrinsic character.

Gilly McCadden's work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK.

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