Original Screenprints

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Stella Maris

“Working with the Artizan team is a special experience – the extraordinary skills and dedication of the printmakers make my 600 mile round trips from Cornwall worthwhile.

Strong colour is the starting point for my screenprints. I create colour relationships that have a particular resonance for me.

Using simple shapes in the works I balance a feeling of space with a sense of energy and spirit and I am fascinated by the way that a very few marks can hold so much power.

I do not know exactly how a piece will look in advance. Screen printing allows me to configure and reconfigure the placement of colours and shapes. Several variations may be tried until the elements ‘click’ and the piece suddenly comes alive. The title follows and inevitably I find that I have told another part of my own story.”

Stella's screenprints use strong colour and simple forms to convey space, energy and spirit. Her themes are autobiographical. She has exhibited her work extensively including the Penwith Gallery, St. Ives, Stoneman Gallery, Penzance, Falmouth Art Gallery, Art London, Curwen Gallery, London, Brook Gallery, Devon and had works shown in Dublin and the USA.

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