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Sally Firino

“My drawings are a diary of my life, drawings of everyday moments, places and objects that have had an impact on me or stirred an emotion. With each drawing I can recall where I was and the circumstance in which it was made. I see something joyous or amusing and feel the need to portray it directly onto paper. My eyes follow the contours of the subject and the space surrounding it and my pencil barely leaves the surface … I draw a line and the line continues. I am in the present and enjoying it. I am not dwelling on the past or looking to the future, just enjoying that moment and the view that I see. I am taking the physical energy and emotion out of my body and putting it directly into my drawing to last forever and to be shared with others … I instinctively pick out what is important and unscrupulously ignore the rest leaving just a line where the surrounding space that remains is as important as the line itself.”

Sally has been teaching art and photography in The New Forest. In 2009 she was one of six artists short-listed for the ING Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary and exhibited at The Mall Galleries, London. More recent exhibitions include the 7th RWA Open Print Exhibition, Bristol, solo show at Brownston Gallery, Modbury, the Bath Society of Artists (104th Annual Exhibition), The Wildwood Gallery, Bury St.Edmunds, the Chelsea Art Fair, the Galanthus Gallery, Hereford and Originals 2010 The Contemporary Print Show at the Mall Galleries.

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